Online Training is New Normal

Pandemic will only be a temporary setback. We have to bounce back eventually. Now, take a look at any industry around you, it is difficult for all of them to function without mechanical engineers.

Situations of Fresher Engineers

1. Mechanical engineers have never worked from home before because that was not even considered that possibility. But due to COVID, the entire paradigm has been shifting.

2.Hire four fresher instead of one experienced resource

An employee’s salary depends on his year of experience of work. The more experience he has,the more salary he use to demands. During this pandemic, this thought process can be changed and company can hire three to four fresher whose salary would be equivalent to that of one experienced design engineer. In that case,work can be divided among four people,besides good strength of bench brings more projects. Even for other operations, it will be useful as more work can be done by a maximum number of people.

3.An untrained employee can be a pain

Its an issue for HR recruitment team to hire someone quickly and put him on main workflow directly. Any fresher needs a minimum of two months to  settle in a company. From learning about the product and the operations to settling in the work culture of that organization, it would be time-consuming. It depends on whether the management is willing to invest in someone who would need time to settle in during this pandemic or hire someone who will be up and running instantly.

How Pioneer Technologies can help

1.Prepare your engineering subjects Engineering Drawing, Strength of Material, Theory of Machine, Metallurgy, Machine design & Manufacturing Process.

2. Learn CAD Tool which is major part of Design.
But what important is the way of learning. Learning skills and techniques is very essential which will help you to get quick start to your career.

3. Learning Tool’s commands are basic, key are projects which you have to prepare as per company selection criteria.

How Pioneer Technologies does execute

1.Experienced Trainer: having industrial experience of product design. Worked in companies like Tata Motors, Whirlpool, Tata Motors, L&T and Tata Technologies etc.

2.Working experience of 60+ industrial projects.

3.Live experience to work on electrical vehicle design

4. Placement execution by placement and HR Department.

5. Provide online and Class room Classes.

6. For Online classes need a LAPTOP/DESKTOP and internet with minimum speed of 20 MBPS.

End of the day, don’t be late in your career. Many like you are there in queue to take your place. All the best.

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